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Re: error handling flow in DAG


Could you just have the "success" path be declared with "all_success" (the
default), and the "failure" side branches be declared with "all_failed"
depending on the previous task? This will have the same branching structure
you want but with less intermediary operators.

-James M.

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 1:12 PM Anthony Brown <anthony.brown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi
>    I am coding various data flows and one of the requirements we have is to
> have some error tasks happen when some of the tasks failure. These error
> tasks are specific to the task that failed and are not a generic to the
> whole DAG
>    So for instance if I have a DAG that runs the following tasks
> task_1 ----> task_2 ----> task_3
>    If task_1 fails, then I want to run
> task_1_failure_a ---> task_1_failure_b
>    If task_2 fails, I do not need to do anything specific, but if task_3
> fails, I need to run
> task_3_failure_a ---> task_3_failure_b
>    I already have a generic on_failure_callback task defined on all tasks
> that handles alerting, but am stuck on the best way of handling a failure
> flow for tasks
>    The ways I have come up with of handling this are
> Have a branch operator between each task with trigger_rule set to all_done.
> The branch operator would then decide whether to go to next (success) task,
> or to go down the failure branch
> Put the failure tasks in a separate DAG with no schedule. Have a different
> on_failure_callback for each task that would trigger the failure DAG for
> that task and then do my generic error handling
>    Does anybody have any thoughts on which of the above two approaches
> would be best, or suggest an alternative way of doing this
> Thanks
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