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Airflow Docs - RTD vs Apache Site

Hi all,

Continuing discussion from Slack, many users have had the problem with
looking at a wrong version of the documentation. Currently, our docs on
apache.airflow.org don't properly state version. Although we have specified
this info on our Github readme and confluence, there has still been lots of
confusion among the new users who try to google for the docs and are
pointed to airflow.apache.org site which doesn't have version info.

The problem currently with a.a.o site is it needs to be manually built and
only has stable version docs. We can do 2 things if we don't want to
redirect a.a.o with RTD: (1) Maintain History on our static a.a.o site (2)
Point a.a.o site to RTD docs, so a.a.o would point to RTD docs i.e. add the
domain to RTD site

Ash has also suggested another approach:

> Apache Infra run a jenkins instance (or other build bot type things) that
> we might be able to use for autobuilding docs if we want?

Let's discuss this and decide on a single-approach that is user-friendly.

NB: I will be busy for a month, hence won't be able to actively help with
this, so please feel free to contribute/commit after an approach is