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Travis CI tests failing in master

Hello Everyone,

Seems that since yesterday the builds started to fail in Travis CI badly.
And we need some urgent actions to fix it otherwise everyone developing
Airflow is affected now.

I am a bit fresh in Airflow so I am not sure how to handle those problems
in an "emergency" way (and I am not sure if I am the best to propose
solutions), so it would be great that more experienced people could help to
solve it.

It was not caused by any change - builds that worked before, started to
fail now. The nature of those errors suggests transitive dependencies
problems (they are all errors during installation of requirements).

Currently the master of airflow-incubator is broken. Actually the problem
has worsened - now we seem to have two distinct problems depending on
python requirement.

*Error 1: Flask appbuilder*

Yesterday we had just this one (for both python 2.7 and 3.5):
"flask-appbuilder 1.11.1 has requirement click==6.7, but you'll have click
7.0 which is incompatible."
and resulting error:

pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'click==6.7' distribution was not
found and is required by flask-appbuilder

You can see it failing in the master here:

Likely the solution is to pin flask-appbuilder to one of the earlier
versions or exclude 1.11.1 from valid versions, or limit flask-appbuilder
to <1.11.1 (but I am not sure which one is the best solution). I will try
some of that soon to see if that helps and let you know.

*Error 2: pynacl build problem *

This is only affecting python3.5. And started to appear only today in new
pull requests (of several people including mine, so it's again some
dependency problem).

 Exception: ERROR: The 'make' utility is missing from PATH

  Failed building wheel for pynacl
  Running setup.py clean for pynacl

One of the failing builds is here:

That one is tougher and seems to be related to
https://github.com/pyca/pynacl/issues/299.. This one is a bit tricky
and there is no obvious solution - maybe  we should limit pynacl to some
earlier (which?) version ? Can anyone help with that ?



*Jarek Potiuk, Principal Software Engineer*
Mobile: +48 660 796 129