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execution_date - can we stop the confusion?

One of the most annoying, hard to understand and against all common sense is the execution_date behavior. I assume that any new Airflow user has been struggling with it.
The amount of questions with answers referring to : https://airflow.apache.org/scheduler.html?scheduling-triggers  is uncountable.

Most people mistakenly think that execution_date is the datetime which the DAG started to run.

I suggest the following changes:
1. Renaming the execution_date to something else like: run_stamped   This name won't cause people to get confused.
2. Adding a new variable which indicated the actual datetime when the DAG run was generated. call it execution_start_date. People seem to want the information when the DAG actually started to be executed/run.

This is only naming changes. No need to actual change the behavior - This will only make things simpler as when user encounter  run_stamped  he won't be confused by the name like execution_date