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TriggerDagRunOperator sub tasks are scheduled to run after few hours

HI Experts


In our project, we are trying to replicate the existing  job scheduling implemented in Microsoft Orchestrater to new scheduler called “Apache Airflow” .


During this replication process we have an requirement to create Master DAG which in turn will call Other child DAGs based on different condition. We referred to the existing example (example_trigger_controller_dag, example_trigger_target_dag) available in Airflow and tried running them manually.  


When we triggered the controller DAG manually , it is got triggered immediately with execution time created in local timezone (PDT) whereas the child DAG is scheduled to run few hours later. Even though child DAGRUN is showing as running, it is doing nothing and waiting for the time to satisfy.  Our requirement is to trigger the Target/Child DAG run as soon it is triggered by controller DAG


If you see here , the trigger time and execution time is having a 7 hours GAP.


We have tried to solve this many different ways but couldn’t succeed. We have asked for help in many forums but didn’t get any satisfactory answer form any of them



Please help us ASAP as this issue is one of the show stopper for us .