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[VOTE] Replace with Gitter with Slack?

Hi Folks!
In the Apache tradition, I'd like to ask the community to vote on replacing
Gitter with Slack.

For more information about what was recently discussed, refer to

If you would like to replace Gitter with Slack, vote +1. If you want to
keep things they way they are, vote -1. You can also vote 0 if you don't
care either way because you wouldn't use either much, preferring to use the
mailing list instead, which is highly encouraged as it is Apache's official

The vote will be open for 72 hours and will expire at 8p PT this Saturday.

P.S. If the community votes for Slack, we could create our own workspace
(e.g. airflow.slack.com).
P.P.S. In general, anyone in the community can launch a vote like this from
time to time. There is no binding/non-binding distinction since we are not
running an official Apache vote.