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Re: Task not failing without running..

I see the following error related to this task in scheduler log,

Setting a task to FAILED without callbacks or retries. Do you have enough
resources? Which resources its complaining about ?

On Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 9:51 AM Veeranagouda Mukkanagoudar <
mukkanagoudar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Task Instance Details
> Dependencies Blocking Task From Getting Scheduled
> DependencyReason
> Unknown All dependencies are met but the task instance is not running. In
> most cases this just means that the task will probably be scheduled soon
> unless:
> - The scheduler is down or under heavy load
> If this task instance does not start soon please contact your Airflow
> administrator for assistance.
> Has anyone encountered this issue, this task has about 100 tasks as
> upstream dependencies, does that matter?
> Any advice is highly appreciated here.
> -Veera