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Re: Deploy Airflow on Kubernetes using Airflow Operator

Really awesome stuff. We are in progress to move over to k8s for Airflow (on prem though) and this is really helpful.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

> Op 3 aug. 2018 om 23:35 heeft Barni Seetharaman <barni@xxxxxxxxxx.INVALID> het volgende geschreven:
> Hi
> We at Google just open-sourced a Kubernetes custom controller (also called
> operator) to make deploying and managing Airflow on kubernetes simple.
> The operator pattern is a power abstraction in kubernetes.
> Please watch this repo (in the process of adding docs) for further updates.
> https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/airflow-operator
> Do reach out if you have any questions.
> Also created a channel in kubernetes slack  (#airflow-operator)
> <https://kubernetes.slack.com/messages/CC1UAMYSV/details/> for any
> discussions specific to Airflow on Kubernetes (including Daniel's
> Kubernetes Executor, Kuberenetes operator and this custom controller also
> called kuberntes airflow operator).
> regs
> Barni