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Re: Apache Airflow 1.10.0b2

Thanks Bolke.

I have been testing this today and I see that the logs are not showing up for me in the Web UI (old UI using Flask Admin).

The path of my log is: /Users/kaxil/airflow/logs/example_bash_operator/runme_0/2018-06-20T21:31:36.996580+00:00/1.log

However, The log tab in the UI is blank and my guess is it is looking at a wrong path.

I will test this for the new FAB UI as well and give you all an update.


On 19/06/2018, 15:05, "Bolke de Bruin" <bdbruin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi All,
    I have rebranched v1-10-test today. I have created a sdist package that is available at:
    http://people.apache.org/~bolke/apache-airflow-1.10.0b2+incubating.tar.gz <http://people.apache.org/~bolke/apache-airflow-1.10.0b2+incubating.tar.gz>
    In order to distinguish it from an actual (apache) release it is:
    1. Marked as beta (python package managers do not install beta versions by default - PEP 440)
    2. It is not signed
    3. It is not at an official apache distribution location
    You can also put something like this in a requirements.txt file:
    https://github.com/apache/incubator-airflow@v1-10-test#egg=apache-airflow[celery,crypto,emr,hive,hdfs,ldap,mysql,postgres,redis,slack,s3 <https://github.com/apache/incubator-airflow@v1-10-test#egg=apache-airflow[celery,crypto,emr,hive,hdfs,ldap,mysql,postgres,redis,slack,s3>]
    <https://github.com/rodrigc/incubator-airflow@master#egg=apache-airflow[celery,crypto,emr,hive,hdfs,ldap,mysql,postgres,redis,slack,s3] <https://github.com/rodrigc/incubator-airflow@master#egg=apache-airflow[celery,crypto,emr,hive,hdfs,ldap,mysql,postgres,redis,slack,s3]>>
    and then "pip install -r requirements.txt”.
    Tomorrow I will do a beta 3, Friday I will kick-off an actual vote for release.

Kaxil Naik 

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