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RE: Single Airflow Instance Vs Multiple Airflow Instance

We incorportated multi-tentacy in how we deploy dags. 

With version 0.9 you can have the following structure:
  - Dag_1
  - Lib_for_dag_1
  - Dag_1
  - lib_for_dag_1

So that the team owning Project1 can independently and without inferring with others deploy (Project2) their own dags. If you incorporate this structure in your deployment process you could do this.

It works fine. 

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Subject: Single Airflow Instance Vs Multiple Airflow Instance

Hi Everyone, 

We have been experimenting with airflow for about 6 months now.
We are planning to have multiple departments to use it. Since we don't have any internal experience with Airflow we are wondering if single instance per department is more suited than single instance with multi-tenancy? We have been aware about the upcoming release of airflow 1.10 and changes that will be made to the RBAC which will be more suited for multi-tenancy.

Any advice on this ? Any tips could be helpful to us.

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