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Re: Query Regarding Number Of Retries In Apache Airflow

I have seen two cases where the try_number can be greater than max_tries

1. Tasks inside A SubDag: If the SubDagOperator has a retry mentioned then
the tasks inside the SubDag will be tried for
number_of_retries_of_subdag * number_of_retries_of_task

2. Manual Retries: If you manually retry a task I think the try number will
greater than the max_retries.

On 2 May 2018 at 16:42, Abhishek Khurana <abhikhurana.1989@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using apache airflow and I have a query regarding the same.
> I have specified the number of retries as 2 in DAG but I am confused by the
> parameters shown in airflow console. These are as follows:
> max_tries : 2
> next_try_number : 4
> try_number: 4
> Can you please help me in understanding that if max_tries are 2 then what
> does it mean by 4 as the value of next_try_number and try_number ?
> Regards,
> Abhishek Khurana

Sreenath S Kamath
Ph No:+91-9590989106