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Re: Managed Apache Airflow Service on Google Cloud Platform

+1! Congrats Feng!

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 9:59 AM Feng Lu <fenglu@xxxxxxxxxx.invalid> wrote:

> *Hello everyone,I want to let everyone know that today Google Cloud
> launched a new managed service based on Apache Airflow - Cloud Composer[1].
> Now that we have launched into public beta, I wanted to connect with the
> community to share why we chose Airflow and our plans for Composer and
> involvement with the Airflow community.A year ago we set out to build a
> workflow orchestration product for Google Cloud. We strongly believe that
> such a system should be based on open source - it’s described as a core
> value on our public landing page[2]. We chose Airflow for many reasons,
> including the awesome community, its approachability for developers, and
> its core concepts. We built Cloud Composer because we wanted to make
> Airflow accessible to all Google Cloud customers. We’re also encouraging
> these customers to use Airflow outside of Google Cloud - whether it be
> another Cloud or on-premise. When we started building Cloud Composer we got
> involved in the Airflow community. You have probably seen a few Googlers
> submitting pull requests, including myself. We do not plan on forking
> Airflow with the release of Cloud Composer and it’s our commitment to
> remain involved in the Airflow community as we grow Composer. We will
> continue to actively contribute to Airflow and look forward to partnering
> with the community. You should expect to see myself and other Googlers
> involved in Airflow in the future.Best,Feng[1]
> https://cloud.google.com/composer <https://cloud.google.com/composer>[2]
> https://cloud.google.com/ <https://cloud.google.com/>*