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Managed Apache Airflow Service on Google Cloud Platform

*Hello everyone,I want to let everyone know that today Google Cloud
launched a new managed service based on Apache Airflow - Cloud Composer[1].
Now that we have launched into public beta, I wanted to connect with the
community to share why we chose Airflow and our plans for Composer and
involvement with the Airflow community.A year ago we set out to build a
workflow orchestration product for Google Cloud. We strongly believe that
such a system should be based on open source - it’s described as a core
value on our public landing page[2]. We chose Airflow for many reasons,
including the awesome community, its approachability for developers, and
its core concepts. We built Cloud Composer because we wanted to make
Airflow accessible to all Google Cloud customers. We’re also encouraging
these customers to use Airflow outside of Google Cloud - whether it be
another Cloud or on-premise. When we started building Cloud Composer we got
involved in the Airflow community. You have probably seen a few Googlers
submitting pull requests, including myself. We do not plan on forking
Airflow with the release of Cloud Composer and it’s our commitment to
remain involved in the Airflow community as we grow Composer. We will
continue to actively contribute to Airflow and look forward to partnering
with the community. You should expect to see myself and other Googlers
involved in Airflow in the future.Best,Feng[1]
https://cloud.google.com/composer <https://cloud.google.com/composer>[2]
https://cloud.google.com/ <https://cloud.google.com/>*