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Concurrent Consumption of Messages Putting a lock on attribute

I have multiple servers that store 10000 users on each. Earlier because of
less time, I was using a Pub/Sub model for different events. It worked as
Consider the case, where I had to do an OTP verification for a user then I
would write it in DB and later the event to be executed in the DB by a CRON
job and this way it gets consumed.
Now I want to switch to MQs. I am pretty clear with the implementation idea
but there is a small problem where I got stuck.
So the story is:
Consider a user A, on user's onboarding I create events like OTP,
EmailVerification, and AllocateBonus. I'm planning to create a shared queue
between multiple servers that would have the messages (with an attribute
user-id) in the queue and will also publish it to a topic (where the topic
will be the user-id) and a consumer will consume the topic. Once the topic
gets emptied, it will get deleted. 

Now the problem is: consider the user A with messages like EmailVerification
and AllocateBonus. Consumer 1 takes up the EmailVerification event, looks
for the user-id in it and then looks for the events in TOPIC- A. At the same
time, consumer 2 takes up the event AllocateBonus and looks for the user-id
in it and then starts executing it.
So before consumer 1 gets completed, consumer 2 will finish and there will
be no bonus allocated to the user because email is not verified.

PROBLEM: I want to acquire a lock on an attribute of the message so that the
events of the same user-id does not get executed by different consumers
without maintaining the order of execution. I have looked up for this but
could not find anything. Is there anyone here who is aware of such
functionality in ActiveMQ? It would be of great help.

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