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Re: Using AMQP against ActiveMQ 5

On 12/10/18 5:50 AM, kkaczkow wrote:
Hello Tim!

I have tested AMQP with ActiveMQ 5 and it turned out to be approximately 3
times slower than OpenWire. Would you have any hints how to improve
performance for AMQP (both on broker and client side)?


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There isn't much more to be done on the ActiveMQ 5.x broker to improve AMQP performance due to the broker architecture it is never going to be as performant as OpenWire which is the built in protocol.  You are of course welcome to dive into the code and see if you can squeeze some more out of it but if you are just needing raw AMQP performance than I'd recommend you test out Artemis which will perform significantly better with AMQP out of the gate.

I'm not sure what client you are using so hard to offer any suggestions but again I doubt there is a ton of headroom there that can be easily made available.

Tim Bish