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Advisory is off, but "User admin is not authorized to read from: ActiveMQ.Advisory.TempQueue,ActiveMQ.Advisory.TempTopic" while publishing a message to a queue from admin console.

Hi dear ActiveMQ community.

I have ActiveMQ of version 5.13.2 running with "advisorySupport="false"".
All the clients have "watchTopicAdvisories" set to false in the connection
factory. When I log into ActiveMQ admin console, there is no queue
"ActiveMQ.Advisory.TempQueue" in the list of queues, as well as there is no
topic "ActiveMQ.Advisory.TempTopic" in the list of topics.

Nevertheless, every time I publish a message to a queue from admin console,
I'm getting and error "Exception occurred while processing this request,
check the log for more information!" and I see the following exception when
I look in the logs:

The funny thing is that my Spring-based service is able to publish a message
without issues. The issue is only seen when using web-console.

I searched a lot, but could not find similar issues... Would anyone know how
can I avoid that?

Thank you in advance!

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