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Correctly setting base href on reverse proxy

Dear Community,
my team is looking for a solution to access the Artemis Console behind an Apache Server.
It should be accessible via: http://www.example.com/path1/path2/artemis/console
We noticed the in the console.war, in *apache-artemis/web/console.war* the packages *index.html* is hardcoded to take the first 2 elements split by '/' characters.Here is the script executed in the *<head>* of the mentioned index.html:==============================================================<script type="text/javascript">    var base = window.location.pathname.split('/', 2)[1];    if (base == "")        { document.write("<base href='/'/>"); }    else        { document.write("<base href='/" + base + "/' />"); }</script>==============================================================
Is there a way to make the basepath configurable via a config file, such that the console can be set up for external routing AND use a /path1/path2/ layout?