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Re: Stomp transactions

Have you confirmed that the broker host (at the OS level) doesn't believe
that the TCP connection is still alive at the time you're saying the broker
is wrongly failing to deliver the message to a new client? If you
ungracefully terminate a TCP connection, the remote side (the broker in
this case) can only detect that fact after the TCP timeout has elapsed
without receiving more bytes across the connection. So if you did your test
before that window has elapsed, then the behavior you described would be
correct. If you've waited long enough that your broker's OS shows the TCP
connection as closed and you get the behavior you describe, then that
sounds like a bug and I encourage you to submit a bug in JIRA for it.


On Thu, Nov 15, 2018, 7:45 AM singlaive <murphy.meng@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> After 9 years, this interesting post had no comments or explainations. I
> just
> test and verified activeMQ still works the same way, which I think is
> problematic.
> Any more thoughts?
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