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Re: ActiveMQ and Artemis reliability - Messages lost

Hi Erik,

Thank you for responding.  Your tool certainly is useful from a
client/application perspective.  However to be clear, I wasn’t knocking your
tool, but it was what was used to state that AMQ and Artemis (and Rabbit?)
are losing/duplicating messages, then bugs were opened on this, which I
believe was putting the cart way before the horse.  Your tool is a great
exerciser of the JMS brokers, but I did identify several areas where it
would break down… and as you alluded, this is not the forum for that
discussion.  If it's going to measure true message loss, etc, then there is
certainly a lot more room to make the tool more robust.  The user utilized
the tool, made strong claims and opened bugs on the report findings, which I
believe are not as accurate as they could be.  

What I want to be very clear about, is that killing a broker during a
mid-write is going to lose something.  There is no getting around that. 
That's not a bug.  That will happen with brokers, databases, and just about
any other process that writes to disk.  The brokers do a fine job of
attempting to keep that as much to a minimum as possible... and if you want
to minimize that even more, tuning of the OS and the NFS/EFS platform can go
a long way to ensuring buffer writes/flushes are completed.  But at the end
of the day, preventing that 100% is not possible.

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