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Re: Duplicate Messages

there is an option on connection factory for the prefix.  I did not mean
the name of the queue itself.

Perhaps the client connects to the server perceives version and includes
the version automatically?

I will do some tinker with your example tomorrow.  I had other tasks and I
was trying to help you figure out.

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 7:03 PM ldebello <luis_debello@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Clebert,
> I am using prefixes in my clients. I am not totally sure how the server
> handles at new message from a new client (Server 1.5.5 - Client 2.6.2) but
> they issue does not happens if the divert is not exclusive, so I am not
> sure
> if that is a configuration issue.
> On the other hand the client are already using new client that is the
> reason
> why I need to mix and old server with new clients.
> In the Jira a have included two animated gifs where I am using the queue
> with jms.queue when calling from new client.
> I will try to play with these prefixes to check it something provide more
> lights on this. Do you know which code is in charge of handle the message
> and apply different logic based on client version? just to try to debug
> that.
> Thanks & Best regards,
> Luis
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Clebert Suconic