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Integraton between ActiveMQ5.14 with SAP PI channel with EOIO Fails

i am using Activemq Master slave cluster with JDBC connecting SAP PI system .
one of the such channel in SAP PI has EOIO (exactly once in order )
according to which out of multiple consumers connecting to ActiveMQ, only
one consumer is able to process the messages successfully . remaining other
consumers do not process the msgs even if sent .

By Default Activemq load balances the msgs between all the consumers which
does not work well in this scenario . so we have tried with 2 options 
1.have the consumer connect with exclusive.consumer=true 
2. set up "strictorderingpolicy" enables on the activemq destination policy

now it works fine under normal scenario. but whenever there is a network
issue or a fail over in the ActiveMQ , or restart on consumer end . whole
communication is broken . untill the Activemq or the consumers are restarted 

Can anyone help on this to avoid such issues 

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