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High load when using the exclusive consumer feature in artemis 2.6.1

Hello all,

We have a question as an end user of the activemq artemis product (version
2.6.1). We are using activemq-artemis as our message broker and we noticed
some odd behaviour. The behaviour is as follows. 

When we have a queue(configured as an exclusive queue) with a single
producer and one consumer, this consumer consumes the messages as intended.
However, when there is a multitude of messages on the queue,let's say 3000,
subscribing a second consumer (which does not consume messages as intended)
causes a high cpu load on the activemq artemis server. Due to the fact that
we have multiple (exclusive consumer) queues with multiple consumers, this
leads to our artemis becoming unresponsive/not functional.  Does anyone know
what causes this behaviour and what might fix it?

Kind regards,
Jelmer van Amen

See https://activemq.apache.org/artemis/docs/latest/exclusive-queues.html

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