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Re: Config for setting up active passive broker pair

You are mixing network of brokers with master-slave setup. You don't need
network definition in master-slave.
In master slave connectivity is based on common storage. Master is simply a
broker that has lock on storage,  while slave is actively checking if lock
can be acquired (because master died).  Read up on
http://activemq.apache.org/masterslave.html  if you want to setup master -

wt., 10.07.2018, 22:58 użytkownik avmpt <patelakash@xxxxxxxxxx> napisał:

> I would like to set up an active passive broker pair and was unsure of what
> to use for the networkConnector config settings. I can set up a connection
> if i simply reference the other broker using a static url in my
> activemq.xml
> for amq-broker1
>   <networkConnectors>
>           <networkConnector
>                 name="broker1-broker2-topics"
>                 uri="static:(tcp://amq-broker2:61616)">
>                 <excludedDestinations>
>                         <queue physicalName=">" />
>                 </excludedDestinations>
>           </networkConnector>
>         </networkConnectors>
> But is this considered a master/slave pair or is this simply just a network
> of brokers that will sync messages? What I would like is that amq-broker1
> is
> the master and amq-broker2 is the passive so that it only runs/becomes
> active if amq-broker1 goes down. I tried using master slave but I get
> errors
> because I only reference the slave (amq-broker2). I read somewhere that you
> should not include the broker whose config you are setting in the list so
> I'm not sure how to distingush amq-broker1 as master.
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