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Re: Number of topics?

I think your question is a bit like asking, "How long should a piece of
string be?"  The answer is - it depends.  Without a lot more context it
will be difficult, if not impossible, to provide much help.

First point of context is...Which broker are you using?


On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 8:37 AM, Lionel van den Berg <lionelv@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> What do you think a reasonable number of topics is?
> At the moment we have maybe 3-4 thousand and use about 1gb of memory.
> However, I can see it would be an advantage to scale up as we define our
> topic paths using asset names in the nodes. Some assets can be temporary.
> We currently have available 4gb of memory. I realise we can make some
> improvements like turning on thread pooling but not sure yet how much
> difference this will make.
> Thanks
> Lionel