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Re: Security features in Artemis 2.x

I can answer a few of the questions however I suggest reading the migration
guide and the Artemis documentation as I think a lot of your questions will
be answered in there.


1) Artemis supports its own CORE protocol (JMS), OpenWire(JMS), STOMP,
AMQP, and MQTT.  So it supports the same protocols as the 5.x broker along
with the CORE protocol.
2) For migration of clients, if you are just using JMS you can just use the
native CORE protocol and migrate easily.  You also have the option to use
OpenWire so all existing clients wouldn't need to change anything.
3) There is no KahaDB or MultiKahaDB as the journal is a completely
different implementation.  However there is a paging store so messages will
go to their own directory on the filesystem which is similar to
MultiKahaDB.  The journal also has compaction so the issues of KahaDB not
cleaning up shouldn't be a problem with Artemis.
4) For connectors your can use TCP and websockets (and TLS enable if you
5) For authorization take a look at the above links.

For Kerberos I will let someone else answer as I haven't used it yet.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 2:40 AM xabhi <xabhi91@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> Can any Artemis dev please comment on these? The documentation doesn't
> touch
> upon these points and it isn't clear in what aspects the security is
> different/better when compared to ActiveMQ
> Thanks,
> Abhishek
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