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Re: [Artemis 2.6.0] Messages stuck in queue infinitely

The logic for detecting and dealing with slow consumers is in
[1].  Right now it doesn't deal with the use-case you've described.
Contributions are always welcome.



On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 2:01 AM, Egiptman <gvv_home@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have a project working on ActiveMQ. And I plan to migrate it to Artemis.
> Therefore, on the test environment, I installed Artemis and get a situation
> where the messages in one or the other queue "hang." This happens two to
> three times a day in a random order and requires manual actions.
> In this regard, it is very difficult for me to prepare a case for such a
> situation. However, in each specific case, messages begin to accumulate in
> the queue and at the same time there are consumers.
> With ActiveMQ, no problems arise. Instances differ only by the broker.
> If we talk about this particular case, then yes, in this queue, messages do
> not appear with a frequency of 10 messages per second. However, they can
> accumulate a few thousand, and no messages will be consumed.
> In my opinion, this is a sign of slow consumers.
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