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Re: OSGI howto install client without install broker ?


Did you add activemq features repository and installed activemq-client feature before activemq-camel feature ?


Le 31 mai 2018 à 09:07, à 09:07, sekaijin <jean-yves.terrien@xxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit:
>I'm running servicemix 7.0.1 (AMQ 5.14.5)
>I'm using an external AMQ broker.
>I want install camel-activemq client only. to send and recieve
>but when I install camel-activemq, a broker named amq-brocker is
>and started in my karaf.
>howto install client only ?
>I have 10 servicemixs all of which are heavily loaded by hundreds
>(thousands) of routes.
>I know that activeMQ is not big, but i would rather not install and
>unnecessary services.
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