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Re: Duplicates are sent to DLQ

I had same problem, as workaround I wrote small plugin that discards
everything that goes into DLQ, as it was acceptable in my case to not store
Dlq content.

wt., 29.05.2018, 14:37 użytkownik winking <winking@xxxxxxx> napisał:

> I have created a bug report without any luck:  AMQ-6802
> <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AMQ-6802>
> I wasn't able to find a solution for this issue, however, a workaround via
> deadLetterStrategy. DLQ messages are to be expired after X milliseconds to
> avoid at least the overflow of kahaDB journal files:
> <deadLetterStrategy>
>         <sharedDeadLetterStrategy <b>expiration="300000"*
> processExpired="true"
> processNonPersistent="true"/>
> </deadLetterStrategy>
> --
> Sent from:
> http://activemq.2283324.n4.nabble.com/ActiveMQ-User-f2341805.html