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Re: Persistent store is Full, 100% of 107374182400. Stopping producer

Hi Tim,

Thank you for looking into this.

In my previous update i've not mentioned about File System space allocation.
Let me explain you in detail.

Active MQ data directory resides in File System : /u01/ActiveMQ . Total
space allocated to File System : /u01/ActiveMQ  is 100GB

In activemq.xml we have systemUsage values as below

            <memoryUsage percentOfJvmHeap="70" />
            <storeUsage limit="100 gb"/>
            <tempUsage limit="50 gb"/>

>From above context from activemq.xml, my understanding is broker will use
max of 100 GB in File system. But was not happen.

When issue happen, data directory size under File System : /u01/ActiveMQ is
32 GB and 30 GB is free in File System.

Why did we get 100% store when it could not have used 100 GB of spce from
filesystem as we know 30 GB was free

Also let me know how to check DLQ.

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