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AW: Notification Topic per Server Object

I am talking about ActiveMQ Artemis 1.1.0


Lukas Lentner

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> Von: Lukas Lentner [mailto:kontakt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018 12:21
> An: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Betreff: Notification Topic per Server Object
> Hi,
> I am designing a message system that notifies about CREATION,
> MODIFICATION and REMOVAL of server objects.
> Each server object has an URN like
> company:appX:tenantY:as:id=1:bs:id=34:cs:id=333:d:es:id=22 which gives
> you the hierarchy of the "e"-object with the id "22".
> Every message consumer should be allowed to say in which notifications he is
> interested and of course there are also security constraints (a user of tenant
> A should not get notifications about an object of tenant B).
> My question is now if it is wise to use analog a topic for every urn. This would
> result in a huge topic creation effort. Is this how AMQ is used usually. A
> subscriptor could subscribe to multiple wildcarded topic strings and by this
> select what to get. Are there practical limits to the topic count? Does it
> reduce performance?
> Of course I do not want to delete topics always after the server object is
> deleted. So all old topics would lie around forever ...
> Or is it better to only create a topic per "company:appX:tenant" prefix and do
> the further filtering via selectors ... as tenant removal is a main process
> already, removing the tenant-topic could be done easily ...
> Thankx
> Lukas Lentner