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Notification Topic per Server Object


I am designing a message system that notifies about CREATION, MODIFICATION and REMOVAL of server objects.
Each server object has an URN like company:appX:tenantY:as:id=1:bs:id=34:cs:id=333:d:es:id=22 which gives you the hierarchy of the "e"-object with the id "22".

Every message consumer should be allowed to say in which notifications he is interested and of course there are also security constraints (a user of tenant A should not get notifications about an object of tenant B).

My question is now if it is wise to use analog a topic for every urn. This would result in a huge topic creation effort. Is this how AMQ is used usually. A subscriptor could subscribe to multiple wildcarded topic strings and by this select what to get. Are there practical limits to the topic count? Does it reduce performance?

Of course I do not want to delete topics always after the server object is deleted. So all old topics would lie around forever ...

Or is it better to only create a topic per "company:appX:tenant" prefix and do the further filtering via selectors ... as tenant removal is a main process already, removing the tenant-topic could be done easily ...


Lukas Lentner