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Re: OS wise setup

  The OS specific differences are mostly the start/stop scripts and
the service installation tools.
  One *could* merge the "bin" directories from both and provide a
combined distribution.

  P.S. It seems there are end-of-line differences in text files, which
should be noted.

  P.S. There seems to be a difference in glyphicons-halflings*.png
files, which puzzles me. It looks like something *buggy* has converted
new lines into new-line+carriage-return in a binary file.

2018-05-22 12:14 GMT+03:00 Hitesh <hitesh.hotchandani@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> When we head to the download site of ActiveMQ, we see the setup is
> distributed for different OS.
> Is there a specific reason for the same? Or can we use a single setup across
> all types of systems?
> My application is not OS specific, so it can be installed on any type of OS.
> Since ActiveMQ differentiates the setup for different OS, I'll have to pack
> both into my application.
> Any suggestions/information about the same?
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