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Re: Messages not getting forwarded in store and forward scheme in ActiveMQ

This sounds like it is happening because you're using the failover
transport in a networkConnector without specifying maxReconnectAttempts=0.
In a networkConnector, it's necessary for the networkConnector itself to
find out about connection failures, so it can do recovery logic, but the
default behavior of the failover transport is to handle the reconnect
itself without notifying the networkConnector.

You have (at least) three choices:
1. Remove failover: from the URI and just have it be a static URI. This is
the best option unless you envision failing over between multiple brokers
in the future.
2. Add maxReconnectAttempts=0 to the current URI.
3. Switch from failover to masterslave transport, which is just syntactic
sugar for failover + maxReconnectAttempts=0, but which could be confusing
if you aren't actually using a master-slave pair.


On Sun, May 20, 2018, 12:37 PM BISHWAJIT <bishwajit.pka@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello,
>         I setup a store and forward network of bridges of 2 brokers as
> follows
> <
> http://activemq.2283324.n4.nabble.com/file/t379066/Screen_Shot_2018-05-19_at_12.png>
> this work perfectly in normal scenario. But when i restarts the Broker-2 or
> abnormally stops the consumer on machine-2, the messages are not gets
> forwarded, whereas the messages are showing enqueued and dequeued in
> Broker-1. My xml for bridge or network connector is as follows on broker-1
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> <networkConnectors>
>     <networkConnector name="anc" networkTTL="2"
> uri="static:(failover:(tcp:IP of B2:61616))">
>         <staticallyIncludeDestinations>
>              <queue physicalName=">"/>
>         </staticallyIncludeDestinations>
>     </networkConnector>
> </networkConnectors>
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> Sent from:
> http://activemq.2283324.n4.nabble.com/ActiveMQ-User-f2341805.html