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Messages not getting forwarded in store and forward scheme in ActiveMQ

      I setup very simple store and forward network of 2 brokers. The
producer sends the messages to the queue say Q to broker B1, which forwards
the messages to broker B2 from where the consumer C gets the messages. In
normal scenario this works perfectly, but when I restarted the broker B2 or
abnormally killed the consumer C, then the messages are not getting
forwarded to the broker B2 until I restarted the broker B1. The network
connector is not duplex. 

my xml file for broker B1 is as follows for network connector
    <networkConnector name="anc" networkTTL="2"
uri="static:(failover:(tcp://IP of B2:61616))">
             <queue physicalName=">"/>

Please assist me to resolve this issue.....whether i missed any thing in the
xml file or even in code.

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