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Re: Has anyone connected ActiveMQ to Active Directory?


Can you give me more to work with? Maybe a full stack trace rather than
just a reference to an unqualified classname? I'm willing to try to help,
but I'm not familiar with the JAAS/LDAP code and your description didn't
give me a clear understanding of which code you were in when you saw the
problem. The closest-seeming code I found was in
org.apache.activemq.security.JaasAuthenticationPlugin.initializeJaas() and
org.apache.activemq.jaas.PropertiesLoader.baseDir(), but I didn't see how
either of the two would involve parsing a URL. Can you help guide me to
what you saw with the debugger?

In general, it seems like the place where you're seeing this behavior is
trying to parse a Windows path (which is not a URL) as a URL. For it to
successfully parse the String as a URL, I'd expect it to begin with
file:/// (note that the hostname has been omitted, so there are three
forward slashes there), as described by
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_URI_scheme. So for wherever you direct
me to in the code, I'll be looking for how the file:/// should be inserted
(or inferred) in the URL.

Also, the backslash format of the path is Windows-specific, whereas the
forward slash notation is also valid in Windows, making it the
more-compatible variant. If you're reading that path from a config files
somewhere, please try changing all backslashes to forward slashes. Of
course, that highlights that I'm not actually sure where you're loading
that path from, so any information you can share about that would be


On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 10:21 AM, mtod <mtod@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I moved the directory to c:\ActiveMQ I still get the same error so it's not
> the nested level of the directory.
> Not sure where to go from here it's having issues with the URL protocol on
> a
> windows system path "c:\"
> It keeps parsing out the "c:" instead of inserting the "file" protocol.
> Mike
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