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ActiveMQ database persistance with MariaDB

Good morning,

We have ActiveMQ setup and connected to 3 databases, 1 Master and 2 slaves
and running MariaDB. If the Master goes down for any reason, the 2 slaves
will error out and go out of sync instead of one of them becoming the new
Master. To work around this during updates, we update the two slaves, reboot
them, change the DNS records pointing to the master so that they point to
one of the other DBs, then make sure they are all sync'd. Then update the
master, reboot, and undo the DNS changes and make sure they are all sync'd

This isn't horrible to do, but it's not ideal. Looking through documentation
I see there is persistance configuration settings that can be made, but not
seeing anything for MariaDB and how that would need to be setup.

The persistance adapter in the config xml is below. 


              <jdbcPersistenceAdapter dataDirectory="activemq-data"


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