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InFlight messages in Queue does not expire

We are using ActiveMQ 5.13.4 and ActiveMQ 5.15.3

with the below configuration 

        <policyEntry queue="&gt;" advisoryForConsumed="true">
            <sharedDeadLetterStrategy processExpired="false"/>

A producer sends a persisted message on a queue with a TTL of 5 sec. 
A consumer consumes a message but without acknowledging it and stays

We saw that the queue size=1, inflight=1, and after even waiting for
forever, the message is never expired. 

Is it the expected behavior?? 

We also noticed that when we browse that queue via admin console, only then
the message expires even though it was in InFlight. 

Why the TTL expiry of a message does not behave same in both? 

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