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Re: VirtualTopic Consumers in NOB

After some more digging it seem to be the failover transport that might be
the culprit. When posting a msg directly to one node


the filter is applied correctly. But using the failover transport when
posting the msg


results in the msg being forwarded from the VirtualTopic to the Queue, with
the selector *only* applied randomly.

Don't understand how the transport can have such an impact on the delivery
of msg to correct queues?

The NOB config is according to:

        <networkConnector name="a-2"

and correspondingly on the other node. So, in addition it's a
master/slave-setup. The setup seem to work fine, but during the tests the
slaves have been shut down. Creating a Queue (tied to the VirtualTopic) on
one node, automatically gets created on the other node.

VirtualTopic config:

    <virtualTopic name="VirtualTopic.Customers" prefix="*."

In addition the virtualSelectorCacheBrokerPlugin is used, as mentioned.

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