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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2287: ARTEMIS-2069 Backup doesn't activate after sha...

Github user TomasHofman commented on the issue:

    No, if `lockAcquisitionTimeout` is set to -1, it will wait 2 seconds, and then retry the lock. I don't see what you are referring to.
    There are two situations:
    * `tryLock(pos)` returns null (= lock is already taken), *this hasn't changed*.
    * `tryLock(pos)` throws IOException:
      * If `lockAcquisitionTimeout == -1` it will wait 2 seconds and then retry, forever.
      * If `lockAcquisitionTimeout != -1`, it will wait 2 seconds or remaining time until timeout and retry, or if remaining time is <= 0 exception is thrown.