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Re: [Discuss] ActiveMQ CPP Client

On 12/5/18 6:44 PM, Jamie G. wrote:
Hi All,

I've started looking into a number of open cards on AMQ CPP client.

I've noticed that master is still 3.9.0-snapshot, when it likely
should be 3.10.0-SNAPSHOT now.

Master is not in a releasable state so all work you plan to do to create patch releases should be directed to the patch branches unless you plan on working on getting master into a releasable state which would be 4.0 but I doubt you plan to commit that much time to it so I'd suggest planning on a 3.x release.

One supplied patch would bump openssl version to 1.0.2 from 0.9.8.
Would that bump be sufficient cause to increment the minor version?

3.9.x is know to work on that older release so publishing a release in that series would break the compatibility that would be expected from that version range and so it would not be a drop in replacement.  The more sensible thing to do is to move onto a 3.10.x release series where you break that know working range and state that it now requires OpenSSL 1.0.x or whatever is the acceptable version.  That way a hotfix release of 3.9.x is still possible for anyone stuck on old system.

Once these patches are reviewed, and accepted - is there a release
process for the AMQ CPP client?

You would need to update autoconf versions numbers for the release, updates code to reflect the release numbers and other things I'm probably forgetting.  Then you need to test on windows, linux and mac with both SSL libs and no SSL libs installed to ensure the changes don't break the build and test process.  There are both unit tests and integration tests that you need to get building and run to validate things work on each platform.

Once you validated the code works then you can you the mvn build to have a set of archive built which you can then sign and checksum for release.

Tim, since you did a lot of work on this, your opinion would gladly be


Tim Bish