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Re: Guarantee delivery response message to origin producer

I will repeat what Justin has asked, Please use the user list, stop using the dev list.
What is set is upto you in client code. I think Justins been clear on this. With this you need to code and manage this in your intermediate process B. 

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Thanks! Now for a extra layer 

What if we have 3 clients 

A B and C

A has a temp queue, B now has a temp queue. 

A message is sent from A to B like you said but instead B takes the message
and forwards it to C.

B puts in the correlation ID from A and sets the  replyto its own temp
queue, does this override the replyto queue from A? Or is there some sort of
stack information within the message structure where the last destination
gets removed once the message is sent back as a reply kind of like a LIFO
type of thing. 

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