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Re: Guarantee delivery response message to origin producer

Typically, the best way to accomplish request/reply is to use a temporary
queue.  Like this:

- JMS client A creates a temporary queue
- JMS client A produces message to request queue
  - On that message, the temporary queue is set as the JMSReplyTo using
- JMS client B consumes the request from the request queue
- JMS client B then produces a message to the temporary queue using
MessageProducer(requestMessage.getReplyTo(), replyMessage)

There are variations.  The good thing about temporary queues is that they
are automatically deleted by the broker when the client disconnects, so
there will never be idle messages sitting around.  If you need those
messages to remain until consumed, then switching to a permanent queue
that's dedicated to the client usually does the trick.

Hope this helps.

BTW, correlation ID can be used together with selectors to solve this. 
However, I would not recommend using selectors if they can be avoided at

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