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Re: Guarantee delivery response message to origin producer

I'm sorry i guess my question was not clear. Basically what it boils down to,
is if a client sets a correlation ID that is unique and sends a message.
When the server responds will the broker know based on the correlation ID
which client sent the data. i.e

client/producer 1:

client/producer 2:

consumer/server 1:

consumer/server 2:


Queue name: TestQueue 

In this example if all clients are sending messages (and listening on temp
queues for responses) to the servers with unique correlation IDs. When the
server sends the response will it go to the client at originated the

So if client 2 sends "hello" with a correlation ID of unique UUID to server
1 when server 1 sends the response will the broker know to send the message
back to client 2. 


PS thanks for the heads up ill post anymore new questions I have on the
other board :)

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