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Re: Backporting host verification support to 5.6.0

On 09/19/2018 10:43 AM, Abhijith PA wrote:

The Debian LTS (jessie) have only activemq-5.6.0 in the archive. I was
wondering is it possible to backport TLS[1] feature to the 5.6.0 ?
After going through the codebase I found, none of the files that
changed for TLS support in latest release is not present in 5.6. Does
someone tried/thought about backporting, let me know


No, that version is not supported by the ActiveMQ community, if you need those fixes then you need to upgrade to the latest ActiveMQ release.  The ActiveMQ community is not involved in the maintenance of the Debian packages.

Tim Bish
twitter: @tabish121
blog: http://timbish.blogspot.com/