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Guarantee delivery response message to origin producer

So i am reading and one thing I am trying to look for is. If i have a
multiple producers and multiple consumers. When the producer sends a message
with a correlation ID and the consumer receives the message and responds
back with the same correlation ID will the broker return the message back to
the producer that originated the message? 

I read up on correlation ID and I still can't seem to figure out if it is
possible or not. Another way i thought about it is if each producer creates
a unique correlation ID per message something like
sha512(hostname+ip+timeInNano+salt) then if the reply is with that
correlation ID it can only belong to 1 producer. 

Am i thinking about this right? 

Because the other method would be a counter on all the producer which means
the correlation IDs would overlap. 

Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks :)

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