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Why the push to deprecate NMS-openwire?

Can someone please clear up some confusion for me about NMS on Jboss AMQ 7

I am confused about why it has been "deprecated".  The Jboss AMQ release
notes say that "NMS messaging APIs are deprecated in AMQ 7".  About a year
ago I had done some of my own testing and ran into trouble fairly quickly. 
It was pretty clear that I was probably one of the first to try running an
NMS client application that was connected to an Artemis broker.

What is most unclear to me is why there is a double standard whereby Jboss
AMQ fully supports JMS clients that connect to the broker on the "openwire"
protocol, but they clearly discourage NMS clients that connect on the same
"openwire" protocol.  It would seem to me that if AMQ 7 fully supports the
legacy JMS clients (based on "openwire"), then supporting NMS would only be
a minor amount of additional work.  It almost seems like someone is going
out of their way to give c# programmers a poke in the eye.

I did find a document ("sneak preview") about AMQ 7 that said NMS legacy
clients would be supported.  Did they change their minds? See this link:

I am aware of a couple github projects (and related discussions) where work
is underway to rebuild NMS on top of "AMQP".



... But this would all be unnecessary (or at least not very urgent) if AMQ 7
fully supported NMS clients that are connecting via "openwire".  In short, I
don't understand why Jboss AMQ 7 has deprecated NMS but not the
corresponding JMS clients running on "openwire".  They don't say JMS is
deprecated and nor do they say "openwire" is deprecated... although I found
a blog that says openwire might one day be deprecated

Should anyone be attempting to connecting a legacy NMS client application to
AMQ 7?  Or is that asking for trouble?  Please help me understand if/how c#
client applications will need to be changed once an AMQ broker is upgraded
to AMQ 7.

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