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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2229: ARTEMIS-2018 - Add bridge events to plugin API

Github user michaelandrepearce commented on the issue:

    Looks good to me. 
    Not to affect this PR, but a general comment that we should start thinking about, there now is a case that by having one broker plugin that it will be invoked left right and centre on every intercept, e.g. say i want to have broker plugin to capture something not on the hotpath, the plugin will still be called on the hotpath, as the checks done in the if statement are simply hasBrokerPlugins, i wonder if we could make it some time to have the "hasBrokerPlugins" to have specific types, where when the plugin is added it registers the types its applicable for, and thus later we could have "hasBrokerPluginsBridgeType" and "hasBrokerPluginsBindingType".