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Re: [CANCEL][VOTE] Apache ActiveMQ 5.15.5 #2

Thank you Chris.  That seems most prudent.

I just looked at the change to the script and found the commit; there may
be a very simple way to fix this:

commit 0036084af6ec930e91927170bdc6cfc1c81b37ff
Author: Alvin Lin <alvinlin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Apr 9 16:53:44 2018 -0700

    AMQ-6930 provide options to allow stdout/stderr of activemq process to
be redirect to a file using append mode

    (cherry picked from commit f3a8e882068803a3cdab338d3544b27a7808e0cc)

diff --git a/assembly/src/release/bin/activemq
index 1468aa9..0edc908 100755
--- a/assembly/src/release/bin/activemq
+++ b/assembly/src/release/bin/activemq
@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@ invokeJar(){
               -Dactivemq.conf=\"${ACTIVEMQ_CONF}\" \
               -Dactivemq.data=\"${ACTIVEMQ_DATA}\" \
               $ACTIVEMQ_CYGWIN \
-              -jar \"${ACTIVEMQ_HOME}/bin/activemq.jar\" $COMMANDLINE_ARGS
>/dev/null 2>&1 &
+              -jar \"${ACTIVEMQ_HOME}/bin/activemq.jar\" $COMMANDLINE_ARGS
>> $ACTIVEMQ_OUT 2>&1 &
               RET=\"\$?\"; APID=\"\$!\";
               echo \$APID > "${PIDFILE}";
               echo \"INFO: pidfile created : '${PIDFILE}' (pid
'\$APID')\";exit \$RET" $DOIT_POSTFIX

Changing the new line to the following should do the trick:

              -jar \"${ACTIVEMQ_HOME}/bin/activemq.jar\" $COMMANDLINE_ARGS
>> "${ACTIVEMQ_OUT:-/dev/null}" 2>&1 &

It seems the new "ACTIVEMQ_OUT" variable must be defined based on the
commit as-is, making that change non-backward-compatible for anyone with
their own env setup.


On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 4:34 AM, Christopher Shannon <
christopher.l.shannon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Based on Howard's feedback about the startup script regression I am
> cancelling the vote.  I will respin the release shortly.