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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2206: ARTEMIS-2003 - Add bridge metrics

Github user jbertram commented on the issue:

    I have a couple of concerns here:
    1. The "enqueue" and "dequeue" nomenclature doesn't fit with existing metrics already exposed on, e.g. the queue control.  On the queue control there are metrics like `messageCount`, `messagesAdded`, and `messagesAcknowledged`.  In my opinion `enqueueCount` and `dequeueCount` should be renamed to something like `messagesPendingAcknowledgement` and `messagesAcknowledged` respectively.
    2. The "Metrics" map is not consistent with the other control objects where metrics are individually accessible from the control.  I can certainly see the benefit of having the map so all the metrics could be retrieved with a single call (which might be done by a remote client) instead of lots of calls to get each metric individually.  However, there's also a benefit to having the metrics available individually so I recommend adding that option for consistency at the very least.  Perhaps a future PR could add a "Metrics" map to the other applicable controls so all the controls would be fully consistent.