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[DISCUSS]: AMQNET-575: NMS AMQP Client Rework

It's been a busy month with  activeMQ and Artemis releases.  Once things
settle down I hope we can work on the next steps for the NMS API.

I've made a few edits recently, and the project builds and runs out of the
box for both VS-2017 and the .NET SDK (Framework).  At least for me,  but I
no longer have a clean development environment.

It would be nice to upgrade the NMS API to .NET Standard so this could be
built and run on non Windows platforms as well, but that's a separate
project.  We are likely going to find that most interest in NMS and .NET
will come from Windows developers.

I have opened a pull-request on apache/activemq-nms-amqp that removes all
the old code and pulls in the new code base. Please let me know what you